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Ben’s Brisbane Blog

It’s me from Australia just checking in. My first few days have been great and really fun if you exclude all the muscle pain. I arrived safely and without hassles following the fiasco in L.A Saturday around noon. On this day, I found myself included in some games with some of the local players. This gave me a chance to meet some of the people I would be seeing around.
Sunday brought some difficult training, including pressure drills. These drills tired me out quickly, and I rested soundly that night. On Monday, It started with some sets of court sprints to test my fitness followed by some technical work. In the afternoon I was able to play some games with Jacob, ranked 200 something in the world. Tuesday started with a grueling weight workout in the gym. Let me tell you, I am extremely weak. Afterwards I worked with another junior in some two man drills. In the afternoon, I worked on more length game by playing many deep games. The night saw me participate in the local league. I was beaten soundly by my opponent but not because he was better than me. I’m just an idiot. Today, i woke up and couldn’t lift my arms at first. The gym workout had taken its toll. But i got over it and trained with the same junior player from yesterday until i had to do my 120. The 120 is a simulation ghost exercise of an 120 strike rally. IT’s TIRING. Afterwards I rested for some time and later played some games with Jacob and Steve, 72 in the world. 1

I have meet a lot of nice people here, but I am started to get sick of them complaining how cold it is here. It’s no colder than 45 degrees ever. There is no need for heavy coats and no chance of snow, yet everyone acts as if it were freezing. Still everyone is friendly and I have meet some really neat people. Until next time, Cheers.

Ben Rind 18-June-2007

Anyway, everything here is going great. It was a fun first week and all the people are really nice. Last Thursday, I started the day off with some 300 meter sprints and after almost a week of training I was feeling it in the legs. After the running, I joined up with Stuart, the junior I mentioned in the last email, and we did some two man drills for about an hour. In the afternoon, Stuart and I played some various restricted games focusing on deep play. Friday was a cool down day before the tournament started on Saturday. I hit around in the morning with Stuart, and then met up with Steve’s Canadian buddy who is staying with us as well. We spent the afternoon messing around. Saturday was the first day of the tournament. I was crushed by a highly ranked player. The second day of the tournament also did not go well. I lost in four to a player who I could of beaten. (on a side note I broke a racket after snapping it in two pieces at the shaft, it was not out of anger I swear, I went for a tight boast and the racket snapped at the shaft). Monday, I played an easy match, winning in three. Tuesday I had a bye, so I watched Stuart play his final. Unfortunately he lost, but being 2nd in the state isn’t bad. Later I worked out with Sacchi, a Japanese player who stays with us, and Nick, Steve’s Canadian friend. Well that’s been everything so far. Later.

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Ben Rind 28-June-2007

Okay, so I have been up many fun things and some not so fun. On Sunday, I started the day with a round of pressure sessions, high intensity drilling. That afternoon I played alternating games with Nick, the Canadian staying at the house, and Brenden, an Aussie who has pent some time in the D.C. area teaching at Georgetown and playing at Results. Monday started with a gym workout. In the afternoon, I did some length based drills with Marc and Nick. Tuesday was a day off. We traveled to where James, a friend of Rod and Connie’s, lives and went on a hike up a mountain. The climb became to steep for us to reach the top, but the scenery was great. Wednesday it was back to the oval for some more 300 meter fitness work, and the afternoon was filled with length games with Nick and Harry, a U-19 player. Afterwards, Marc was off the the State of Origin rugby match between Queensland, the good guys, and New South Wales. Marc likes to think the State of Origin rivals the Super Bowl, but it isn’t even close. Thursday we got up early and traveled to the Gold Coast. There we did some fitness work on the beach which wasn’t as fun as it would seem. Then we had breakfast, perused a mall, and relaxed on the beach. That evening Nick, Julius, the Aussie U-17 number 2, and I played some more length games for a couple hours. Today started with Gym work, and the afternoon involved some pressure sessions and deep drills.

Ben Rind 6-July-2007

4Run up this! (Ben Rind and friends doing ‘Dune Sprints’ at Moreton Island off Brisbane, Australia)    

On Monday morning, Marc, Nick, Julius, and I traveled to the banks of the Brisbane river. There we ran a flight of very steep steps for about an hour. Afterwards we got breakfast at Garden City Mall and wandered around a bit. Afterwards we were given the night off to rest. Sachi and Steve also returned to the house that night so now there are six of us living here. On Tuesday, we started off with a gym workout and then some drills. The afternoon session included length drills with Sachi and Steve. That night I played pro-league and won my first pro-league match 10-8 in the fifth. On Wednesday, Nick, Sachi, Julius, and I did a hard 32 minute session of pressure drills. Later we traveled to the Gold Coast and relaxed on the beach and went to the shops. Thursday, Marc, Sachi, Nick and I got up early and caught a ferry and went to Moreton Island. There we ran up an 80 meter sand dune. (It was like running the Cavalier hill but instead of grass there was sand). We came back had dinner and I went off to play a Super-8 league match and won in 4. This morning, Friday, we watched Steve play a friendly match with Stuart Boswell, the world number 10 (he’s good). Afterwards I did some really routine drills with Nick. This afternoon, we are planning to play some restricted games.7

Ben Rind 13-July-2007

It is time for another weekly update from your man across the world. Everything is great here, gearing up for the tournament everyone is playing in this weekend. The week has been fun, on Monday I did speed training with ghosting with Sachi. Monday afternoon Nick and I played some restricted games. Tuesday morning started in the Gym followed by some drills with Nick. Tuesday afternoon I had a solo session playing drives, lots of drives. 11Tuesday night I had a pro-league match against Sachi. She beat me pretty badly in the first two games, but the third game was more closely matched even though I still lost 10-8 after being up 8-5. Wednesday morning was another exciting session of drills with Julius and Nick and a few games with Brendan. In the afternoon, we did a set of 660 meter runs followed by dinner. On Thursday, Julius, Nick, and I were put through a set of pressure sessions by Marc. we were given the afternoon off and I enjoyed some well-deserved relaxation. Today we again went to the gym followed by some solo work. Today is more of a relaxed day due to the upcoming tournament. I’ll let you know how the tournament goes. 9

Ben Rind 20-July-2007