About AussieNick Squash

AussieNick Squash is the brainchild of Rod and Connie Barnes. It provides a full range of all-year-round squash services at Chevy Chase Athletic Club for adults and juniors in Washington, DC, Virginia and Maryland.

Since establishing in the US in 2002, AussieNick Squash has concentrated on developing an extensive array of activities and opportunities for players in the region. AussieNick Squash aims to satisfy the needs of its client base by the provision of information, equipment, training assistance and more.

We provide access to an extensive junior program for all standards. AussieNick Squash programs are expanding to include input from an array of great full time and guest coaches.

Squash Facts

Joining fee

$98 Adult, $129 for family

Joining fee

AussieNick Squash membership

Junior $59pm, Adult $98pm, Family $129pm


Our Staff

Dr. Jim Masland

Dr. Jim Masland Head Club Pro

Former touring squash pro, Harvard graduate and PhD.

Connie Barnes

Connie Barnes COO

Women's National Team (Howe Cup). Captained & played #1 on the Lacey Cup.

Dr. Rod Barnes

Dr. Rod Barnes CEO

Top ranked amateur in the tri-state area. Top player in 45+.

Teddy Weiss

Teddy Weiss Asst. Coach

Vassar College graduate & Women’s Varsity Squash Captain.