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Playing in a league team is a great way to find partners of the same level and to get regular matches in their round robins. CCAC is the only club that features teams in all level of the DC area wide home and away competition.


Div 1: Shai Ingber


Div 3: George Tsibouris


Div 4: Paul Conner


Div 5: Michael Kuehl


Improve Your Game

Video Assessment Analysis :  We provide squash assessments utilizing the professional motion analysis software. With the cooperative efforts between our PT staff and our elite level squash coaches on site, we have the ability to clearly and effectively walk you through a video analysis of your desired stroke/strokes, allowing coach and client to closely analyze any inefficiency in technique. A dual view of your pre-correction and post-correction video will provide you with biomechanical insight, which will be used to compare noticeable improvement in technique and form.

Along with improving performance, we also use this assessment as a preventative and corrective measure in regards to injury. The more efficient your technique, the less you prone you are to sport related injury. This could potentially alleviate any existing injury or discomfort due to squash play.

For more information or questions please contact Connie Barnes.

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