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Bill Ho’s Office has Bare Space


Just when you thought things were maybe getting a little weird working in the squash world, along comes a member that erases that last little bit of doubt.  Worldgate’s Bill Ho sent me an email with this picture of his office. No Bill isn’t moonlighting selling racquets, he just can’t bear to part with his dead ones…. I will let Bill explain.


It’s my office. I came to collect broken racquets when I couldn’t part with favorite racquets that I broke. Then as I had an office with empty walls, I put these racquets up. Of course it spurred conversation in the workplace. Then as my squash colleagues broke their racquets I asked for them to add to cover the other bare walls. The long and short of it, I started in 2003 and I think I have over 20. I have not been actively seeking them lately though.

I think we need to help him out..send your broken racquet to AussieNick and we will make sure that nasty bare space is covered! When it is we will post again!

AussieNick 15-January-2007


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