AussieNick Squash 2017 Summer Camps: An Exciting Array of Coaches!

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It’s an exciting array of coaches this summer at squash camp! Connie Barnes Director of Squash; Rod Barnes Local Master-Coach, Dr. Jim Masland Squash Pro and Head Coach CCAC, Alister Walker, Former World #12, Assistant Columbia University coach, and top DC area  juniors, including Jacqueline Barnes (Dartmouth #1), Jeremy Barnes (Drexel), and Harry Dodwell (Whitman High School captain). Your child will benefit from a  terrific experience regardless of level. Campers are divided into Groups 1, 2, & 3.  Take a look and register under the Camp tab on the AussieNick Squash website!

Note there’s $50 discount for returning campers!

JeremyAussieNick Squash 2017 Summer Camps: An Exciting Array of Coaches!
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A Night with Jackie Barnes at Chevy Chase Athletic Club, Thursday, June 15, 6 – 8 pm. Join us! 

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Jackie is #1 and Captain of the Dartmouth squash team. A recruited athlete from the DC area, she played #1 all four college years. She recently led her team to winning the Kurtz Cup at the US Squash Women’s College Nationals. Jackie’s event will include a discussion with players about training, goals, fitness, academics and more with a 1.5 hour clinic and a parent meeting.

I hope you will bring your daughters to this wonderful event which will include a gift for participants and snacks. Cost $60.  Contact Conniesquash@gmail.com for more information

JeremyA Night with Jackie Barnes at Chevy Chase Athletic Club, Thursday, June 15, 6 – 8 pm. Join us! 
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Summer Camps with Alister Walker, Former World #12 and Assistant Columbia University Coach, at AussieNick Squash!

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Summer Camps with Alister Walker, Former World #12 and Current Assistant Coach for Columbia University are special summer events you don’t want to miss!  As an England Squash Level 3 certified coach, Alister has a wealth of knowledge from his experience playing professional squash since 2002.  He has captured 11 PSA World titles and has represented both England and Botswana in international competitions. Day is $1000/week; Sleepaway is $1700. If doing two weeks, Day is $1900/2 weeks; Sleepaway is $3300/2 weeks. Contact conniesquash@gmail.com  for more details!

JeremySummer Camps with Alister Walker, Former World #12 and Assistant Columbia University Coach, at AussieNick Squash!
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Walt Whitman at US High School Championships

Play Squash

Make History


Whitman has the chance to send a team to the US High School Team Championship tournament for the first time.

In order to enter, we must have 7 committed players by November 15.

Are you in?

The Event: US High School Team Squash Championships

February 10 – 12, 2017 in Hartford CT

Whitman + teams from around the country


 Logistics: Miss two days of school (1/9 and 1/10)

Travel up on Thursday, Feb 9; back on Sunday Feb 12

Matches start Friday Feb 10; end Sunday Feb 12th

2 nights in local hotel

Travel by bus or carpool

Coach and parent supervision

Cost: Approximately $300 per player

Good news – We have a good chance of reducing this fee substantially through a grant, but must have player commitments by November 15 to apply for funding.

May also be reduced through fundraising.

Questions: Coach Connie Barnes conniesquash@gmail.com

Captain Harry Dodwell hmdodwell@gmail.com

JeremyWalt Whitman at US High School Championships
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Now Offering Video Analysis

Video Assessment Analysis –  We provide squash assessments utilizing the professional motion analysis software. With the cooperative efforts between our PT staff and our elite level squash coaches on site, we have the ability to clearly and effectively walk you through a video analysis of your desired stroke/strokes, allowing coach and client to closely analyze any inefficiency in technique. A dual view of your pre-correction and post-correction video will provide you with biomechanical insight, which will be used to compare noticeable improvement in technique and form.

Along with improving performance, we also use this assessment as a preventative and corrective measure in regards to injury. The more efficient your technique, the less you prone you are to sport related injury. This could potentially alleviate any existing injury or discomfort due to squash play.

For more information or questions please contact Connie Barnes.

JeremyNow Offering Video Analysis
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Washington DC is finally getting close to organizing a comprehensive urban youth program based in DC! An Urban Youth Program brings squash coaching and academic tuition to underserved DC youth.

There is much support for urban youth squash programming nationally under the auspice of NUSEA http://www.nationalurbansquash.org/

And from First Lady Michelle Obama http://www.nationalurbansquash.org/first-lady/

At its core, the program strives to build confidence and self-esteem and provide opportunities for personal development and college admission.  The program includes mentoring and a community service aspects.

We have a 501c3 set up, identified 3 possible venues in DC,  one of which is a massive school/ community center redevelopment and another that could fit two courts – both  close to target population so transport will not be an issue. If you would like to be involved in discussing and developing an urban youth squash program please contact  Connie Barnes at conniesquash@gmail.com


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Bill Ho’s Office has Bare Space


Just when you thought things were maybe getting a little weird working in the squash world, along comes a member that erases that last little bit of doubt.  Worldgate’s Bill Ho sent me an email with this picture of his office. No Bill isn’t moonlighting selling racquets, he just can’t bear to part with his dead ones…. I will let Bill explain.


It’s my office. I came to collect broken racquets when I couldn’t part with favorite racquets that I broke. Then as I had an office with empty walls, I put these racquets up. Of course it spurred conversation in the workplace. Then as my squash colleagues broke their racquets I asked for them to add to cover the other bare walls. The long and short of it, I started in 2003 and I think I have over 20. I have not been actively seeking them lately though.

I think we need to help him out..send your broken racquet to AussieNick and we will make sure that nasty bare space is covered! When it is we will post again!

AussieNick 15-January-2007


JeremyBill Ho’s Office has Bare Space
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