Developmental Pathway

The Developmental Pathway model is a guided, integrated, pathways approach developed by the PhD staff of the AussieNick Squash team.

The protocol is in place to assist you/ your child with planning and goal setting over the course of their squash development. Starting with baseline measurements for all aspects of you /your child’s squash game, it provides a protocol to move you/your child forward on a positive, reasonable, progressive pathway to success.

These are the details contained within the manual:

Player information; Squash Training Overview; Goals – Long Term and Short Term; Player Profile and Assessment; Basic Stroke Technique – Forehand; Basic Stroke Technique – Backhand; Movement; Basic Drills; Basic Shots – attacking; Basic Shots – defending; Mental Training; Graded Assessment & Coaches’ Summary; Solo Drills; Power Agility Training Levels 1,2,3; Schedules – Tournament – Training; and Coaches/ Players Comments.

BarnesDevelopmental Pathway