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Greg Berson in Australia

Preamble – Greg Berson attended AussieNicks Australian summer camp in July 2009 for 2.5 weeks. He was coached by one of the finest Australian squash coaches AussieNicks own Marc Forster and lived and trained with these outstanding players –trio

Steve Finitsis PSA player world ranking #98

Luke Forster – PSA player world ranking #231

Courtney West – PSA player world ranking #308

Bethany Brazier – #2 Aust  Girls u/15

Greg says –

kangorroBefore this summer I was told by Connie and Rod Barnes that I could go to Australia if I really wanted to improve my squash game. I did more than that. I was able to not only in my opinion boost my squash to a new level but I also was able to tour a foreign country and learn many life skills. I was put an environment where everyone was much much better than me at squash. But, by the end I was comfortable playing with the top coach in Australia or hitting the ball with the let alone the top players in Australia but the top players in the world.

I was in a house where no one was close to my age but through time I was able to adapt and become as they call themselves in Australia a  true “squashie.” Also through my experience I was able to learn how lucky I was to get the experience to play with other squash players that were at such a high level. By the end I was taking advantage of every opportunity to grow not only a squash player but a person. When I  wasn’t playing squash I was either sleeping, at the beach or doing something to make my experience worthwhile. I can say without a doubt that my experience this summer in Australia was life-changing on and off the court. I would recommend it to anyone that loves squash and wants to be better.koala

Greg Berson

BarnesGreg Berson in Australia