Meet the AussieNick Squash Team

Coaching & Operational Staff

For all coaching and programming inquiries contact Rod Barnes at or Connie Barnes

Dr. Jim Masland

Dr. Jim Masland Head Club Pro

Former touring squash pro, Harvard graduate and PhD.

Connie Barnes

Connie Barnes COO

Women's National Team (Howe Cup). Captained & played #1 on the Lacey Cup.

Dr. Rod Barnes

Dr. Rod Barnes CEO

Top ranked amateur in the tri-state area. Top player in 45+.

Other Team Members

Jake Harris

Jake Harris Asst. Coach

Two-Time All Liberty League Honorable Mention & the 2013 Recipient of the Vassar Athletics Eric Smith Award.

Jackie Barnes

Jackie Barnes Asst. Coach

Former Dartmouth Women’s Squash Team: played in the #1 position all four years. Former Captain of Dartmouth Women’s Squash Team. Named an All-Ivy League Player. Led team to Kurtz Cup Winner. Private and group squash lessons. Private and group dynamic stretch and strength sessions.  

Isabel Young

Isabel Young

Former member of national Team USA, representing top 5 US players in division at BJO 2016. Strength Training Instructor – individual and group sessions. Assistant Coach, Private and Group Lessons – group clinics and private lessons for all levels.  

Teddy Weiss

Teddy Weiss Asst. Coach

Vassar College graduate & Women’s Varsity Squash Captain.

Sport Medicine

Dr David Moss

Dr David Moss

Dr David Moss, MD is a Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon with special interests in sports medicine and in conditions and disorders of the hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder.

Dr. Kessous

Dr. Kessous

Dr. Kessous is board certified in both family and sports medicine. He completed his sports medicine training at Harvard Medical School’s Children’s Hospital, in Boston.

Squash Revolution/AussieNick Squash Partnership Coaches

Gregory Gaultier

Gregory Gaultier

Gregory Gaultier (Fr)

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