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This summer we have an exciting array of Coaches.  Connie Barnes Director of Squash, Rod Barnes Local Master-Coach, Dr. Jim Masland Squash Pro, Head Coach CCAC, and top juniors from the DC area including Jacqueline Barnes (Dartmouth #1), Drexel’s Jeremy Barnes and Harry Dodwell (Whitman High School captain) and college players. Your child will benefit from a terrific experience regardless of level. Campers will be divided into Groups 1, 2, & 3.  Note – there is $50 discount for returning campers!

Fun. Junior. Camp
First is the Fun Junior squash camp for the 7 – 12 yr old beginner – good beginner – this is a great way to introduce your child to squash – they will enjoy learning basic squash technique and playing games and participating in table tennis, chess, board games, movies & more! Hours are 9.30-3.30pm.

Novice.- JV.level. camp 
The second type of camp we offer is for novice through to JV players 10 – 17 yrs. The coaching staff has unique squash abilities and talent to teach your child skills to prepare for JV level squash. Participants are divided into 2 groups dependent on level for the program. Hours are 9.30 – 3.30pm.

JV-Varsity. level. camp
JV – Varsity level camp – our team of experts will work with JV – V level players to bring them to the next level for the start of the squash season. There will be emphasis of technique, strategy and fitness. Hours are 9.30 – 3.30pm

4 Rods Elite Camp* approval required prior to registration. Rod is the Elite Junior Master coach at CCAC – his camps are designed for top juniors who expect significant improvement. Hrs 3 – 6pm Wed – Fri, Sat and Sunday 2 – 4pm

Camp                             Dates                                                      Coach                                                                                      Sleepaway/Full day / Half day

1 June 12–16 Jim Masland, Connie Barnes $650/350
2 June 14 – 18 Rod Barnes* $600
3 June 19-23 Jim Masland, Connie Barnes $650/350
4 June 21-25 Rod Barnes* $600
5 June 26-30 Jim Masland, Connie Barnes $650/350
6 July 3-7 Jim Masland, Connie Barnes $650/350
7 July 10-14 Jim Masland, Connie Barnes $650/350
8 July 17-21 Jim Masland, Connie Barnes $650/350
9 July 24-28 Jim Masland, Connie Barnes $650/350
10 July 31-Aug 4 Jim Masland, Connie Barnes $650/350
11 Aug 2-6 Rod Barnes* $600
12 Aug 7-11 Jim Masland, Connie Barnes $1050/$650/350
13 Aug 9-13 Rod Barnes* $600
14 Aug 14-18 Jim Masland, Connie Barnes $1050/$650/350
15 Aug 21-25 Jim Masland, Connie Barnes $1050/$650/350


Registration and payment is online – go to  under camps, no credits or refunds after May 1. Contact Connie Barnes 301 807 9905


AussieNick Squash International Academy

The AussieNick Squash International Academy Australian Connection residential summer Squash camps for 2017 will be held in Cairns, Australia at a brand new 8 court facility. The program will be headed by leading Australian coach Marc Forster.

These residential camps are designed for more than a great squash training experience. The program will include Nutrition, Sports Psychology, Injury Prevention and Management and conditioning for the future athlete’s body and mind.

Typical Week Day
7:30: Arise
7:45: Breakfast
8:45-11:30: Technical Session 1: Swing and movement analysis and construction
11:30-12:20: Match play incorporating technical advice.
12:30 -1:30: Lunch
1:30 – 2:00: Free time
2:00 – 4:00: Technical Session 2: Video analysis, Nutrition and Sports Psychology
4:00 – 5:00: Technical Session 3: Cross training education e.g. Weights, track, explosive conditioning, swim
5:00: Shuttle to back to Accommodation
6:00: Dinner
7:00: Relaxation activities: Movies, Swim, BBQ, Brisbane tour, Emails to family
10:30: Bed

Did you know that eating carbohydrates too close to a game can actually be detrimental to performance? Do you know which food group is most important to avoid in the lead up to competition. Good nutrition is an important aspect of achieving top performance in sport and life in general. The program will provide guidance for the development of good nutritional habits for life long sports performance.

Sports Psychology
“There is nothing wrong with saying to yourself that you don’t want to do all the mental training stuff but there is something wrong with thinking that you will get to the top without it” (Orlick 2000). Psychological tests are performed and help develop strategies for improvement.
Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) trainers will be used for the Nutrition, Sports Conditioning and Sports Psychology training.

Tour Activities:
Sightseeing items include: Flight to Brisbane and visits to Gold Coast/Sunshine Coast & Australia Zoo, Kuranda Railway scenic train trip and more
Email: for quotes.


My travel to Australia in 2015 has taught me many things about myself, my love for the game of squash and stretching my limits of comfort in order to learn what I can handle as a person. Overall, I have never been to a country more welcoming and exciting as Australia; the people are so kind and the places are life-changing. My favorite location was the city of Brisbane, because it is impossible to compare to any city back in the U.S. There is every store you could imagine, all within walking distance, a wonderful array of nature to balance the industrialization, and a wide range of entertainment for all ages within this tropical city. Even though I only spent a few days here, I felt like I had only touched the surface, and would gladly travel back if I had the opportunity. In Australia, I made the transition from being a good athlete to an elite athlete, with a greater respect for the game. Before the trip, I would merely practice my shots and do fitness, but I was not documenting my training, and I did not have a set in stone routine to follow. After traveling to Australia, being put into a vigorous training program for improvement, and training 2 times a day, I realized I wanted to take the next step in my game. Now, I have a documented training program involving technical, mental, physical, and dietary focal points so I can be completely prepared for the vigor of competition. Because I lacked the professional training that the top juniors in the states have, I needed the internal motivation to drive myself to creatively come up with ways to use the resources I have, and Australia gave me this. Since last year, my ranking has gone up about 10 spots, from around 35 to 24 currently, and I owe it all to Australia. I have received compliments at multiple tournaments about how I take the game much more seriously now, but I do not think I could have done it alone. I want to thank Connie Barnes, the Barnes family, and all who helped me train overseas in Australia, and I hope to return in the future!

Dylan Kachur – #20 BU19Dylan

With only having done one session I already felt like a more calmed, relaxed and smarter squash player on court. Within 3 months of that session as promised I played the best squash of my life. Not only did that half an hour session dramatically affect my squash I applied a lot of it into my everyday life.

Jason Bertschinger - Australian #7 BU17


Chevy Chase Athletic Club is the leader in junior squash programming in the Washington DC area. Spring Break camps are run by top class squash professionals dedicated to teaching your child good technique and sportsmanship behavior.

Junior Spring Squash clinics are for beginners through to advanced players. Details of classes to be held during spring break are TBD.

The Coaches:

  • Connie Barnes Director of Squash
  • Rod Barnes Local Master-Coach
  • Dr. Jim Masland Head Coach

Contact Connie with the clinics you would like to attend. Registrations are not accepted without payment; no refunds/credits are provided. Thank you.

Contact Connie Barnes, Director of Squash

301. 807. 9905