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Whitman HS takes 2015 CIVL Competition

Whitman beats Wakefield 7-0

In a tremendous display of squash Whitman Vikings defeated their friends from Wakefield School, The Plains to win the CIVL Chase Interclub Varsity League finals for the 3rd straight season. The Whitman team co-captained by Jeremy Barnes and Samantha Zambri, won all of their matches through the 2014-15 season with several players undefeated including Graham Clifford (6-0), Joey McGinley (5-0), Jeremy Barnes (4-0), Arek Simpson (4-0) and Isabel Young (3-0). See attached article. Commenced in 2004, the CIVL is the only private – public school High School league in the DC area with players gaining an important Junior High Schools ranking on USSquash. The league provides the opportunity for students from schools that  do not have a squash team the opportunity to join the Independent Combination team – this team has included players from Sidwell, GDS, Maret, WIS, TJs, and more.

BarnesWhitman HS takes 2015 CIVL Competition